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What is [-Point Game-] ?

[-Point Game-] is a mini competition game that you play against your clan mates or friends while playing the game normally. Mostly this is done in public game matches. Players will be scored base on their End Game Stats. Each player will then be scored with the [-Point Game-] points system using the [-Point Game-] app, for the chosen game to calculate their PG Score.

At the end of the chosen set amount rounds played, the player with the most points is the overall winner of [-Point Game-]. [-Point Game-] can be played on just about any game and scoring system will be set to the game of choice.

List of Games that [-Point Game-] is running:

Coming soon Games for [-Point Game-]:

Download the [-Point Game-] App:

Click the Games dropdown button at the top of the page. Click the Game you want to download the PG App for. It will take you to the page for the download.