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Point Game

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The idea of Point Game has been around since 2002. It all started on the video game Counter-Strike. Point Game was made to be a mini game that you compete against your friends or clan mates while still playing in a public match. Each different game had its own set of rules to PG for scoring players. Point Game has been in multiple games throughout the years and has been quite a fun challenge to do with a group of friends and clan mates.

Hi, my name is Kyle. I am the one who made Point Game, but not without all of my clan mates over the years help. Without them, PG would not be as fun and enjoyable as it is now. Really thank you guys.

I made PG to be something extra to play for public game play. Wanted it to be a mini competition amoung my clan mates to work at in the game. By doing this it feels like a league style play but in public game setting. What is cool about this, is that you will be in a game with a bunch of random players so the challenges will always be different.

My clan mates, friends, and I have had lots of fun with this over the years. I have been asked many times about putting this out so other players can play. So, after thinking about it, I decided to do just that. I am not going to bring Point Game into the rest of the gaming comunity so others whom might be interested can download the PG app and have fun with friends and clan mates as well. I am looking into making this for other games going forward to broad out this mini game. So, check back for updates on other games that PG will be available.

If you would like a game to have Point Game for, contact us through our email. Let us know what game you would like to see be added to PG.


Download the [-Point Game-] App:

Click the Games dropdown button at the top of the page. Click the Game you want to download the PG App for. It will take you to the page for the download.